Happy New Year!

Looking back to 2013 we have seen a lot of things happen.

Especially for me it was a wild year. First and foremost I got married, which in itself is quite a adventure, I resumed my .hack//frägment side project and was part of two big scale projects.

But not just my side has been busy, other people accomplished similiar, if not even bigger feats and all summed up it was a great year for most of us.

Lets all work together to make the coming year even better than this last one.

I wish everyone a happy new year!

Merry Christmas! (+ a little PS2 news)

It is the 24th of December and bit by bit the xmasy mood comes up (hopefully).

A lot has been happening over the last months, both in my life and in the scene.

I got married to my longtime love Crispy, TN released his new eCFW for Vita and Yifan Lu started digging into the Vita Hardware, I’ve also been following a bunch of Metal Gear posts on wololo.net which gave me a good time reading them (go check them out when you get the chance).

As for me, I had to avert legal threats from a third party for which I’ve been working part-time, the results were… acceptable I would say.

Also, the xmas holidays are coming up, which means I get to have 3-4 days off finally.

On the hacking frontier – I’ve dug into something old… but annoying.

DNAS, the hated Authentication System for Online Games on PS2, and yes, I’ve cracked it, I required to remove DNAS from a PS2 game called .hack//FRAGMENT as reviving its dead gaming server has been a long term goal of mine forever and the only thing standing between that goal and me was the DNAS Authentication System.

I know that a bunch of other projects try to achieve similiar things, mostly the Metal Gear Online scene, so, to help them and probably other people out, I will be posting a technical blog post in the near future detailing how DNAS works on the inside and how to remove it from a game successfully (including MIPS-ASM snippets).

So, for the time being, all that is left to be said is Merry Christmas everyone!

I will keep you guys posted. Enjoy the holidays!

Hello world! (no, really!)

A lot has been going on lately and I’m in the middle of migrating all the data from my old server to this new one.

This blog is somewhat of a placeholder for the time being, so don’t expect too much of content on it until I actually find time to upgrade it appropriately.

The old blog has been backed up and will gradually get merged into this new one as time goes by (and I actually find time to do so).

Most of the important network functions have been moved already, this includes the community forums, the gaming server, the code repositories and a bunch of other new things that I will introduce to you guys in a few weeks.

As for my wedding a few weeks ago, more information will be given when I find the time to do so (just like all the other things just mentioned).

Greetings, Coldbird